Official Micro:Bit Site Launch

Official Micro:Bit Site Launched

The Official Micro:Bit site has been launched today. Although it follows the disappointing news that the hardware delivery would be delayed the new site does contain a glimpse of how the Micro:Bit will impact the classroom.

The domain has been around a while but previously just linked to a BBC Make It Digital blog.

Official Micro:Bit Site Launch
Official Mico:Bit Site Launched

The new site contains :

  • Instructional videos
  • Information on the different code editors you can use
  • Information for parents and teachers
  • Registration form for schools (although it still uses a ridiculous URL that has drawn fire from various commentators).

This will be an excellent starting point for teachers, students and anyone else who plans on using the device in the future.

As with the Raspberry Pi a strong community and set of resources is vital for these sort of projects and the site is making a good start at building that.

What’s a few more months between friends?

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